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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do  you charge?

Unlike other consultants, I do not bill "by the hour". See below for my fee structure. 

 Question: I'm stuck in a lease and am not happy, what can you do?

I cannot get anyone out of a lease. That would be considered "tortious interference".  However, working together we can ensure future leases are negotiated to make you happy. 

Do you contact or negotiate with the laundry companies directly? 

I can if you prefer and nominate me as an agent on your behalf.   Or I can simply  coach/counsel you every step along the way from the correct way to request a proposal, to analyzing your revenue, comparing the different offers, guiding you on the math of the deal, etc., etc. Ultimately, in either case, you make the decision. I only advise.  I don't decide for you, I can only offer an opinion.  

I don't understand how my commission is computed and paid.

"Commissions" is a colloquial term adapted by laundry companies and embraced by property owners and managers.  The payment received by a property is legally "Rent".   I can help you better understand how your "rent" payments are computed and paid.

What types of propeties can you help?

I can help apartments, condominiums, hotels, marinas, anywhere there is a common area laundry room and size is not important.  I can work with a 10 apartment unit property or 1,000 units.

Are you able to offer any legal advice? 

No. Simply put, I'm not a lawyer. I can only advise you on the laundry opportunity that presents itself. I can read a lease and point out specific issues I may see but then I'd refer you to your in house counsel should any legal action be required.

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If you have any other questions about your laundry room, laundry contract, commissions or anything having to do with laundry, call me and I'll give you up to 30 minutes of free consultation.

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