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My Plan Of Action to Help You

1.  Read and review/highlight your current or proposed lease.

2.  Explain your current or proposed rent ("commission") payment equation. Identify total gross collections given the information in the lease and your commission payment history.

3.  Review your property's status relative to machine/apartment ratio, pricing, and competition in the area.   

4.  Discuss and review your property's needs from a laundry room and zero in on these crucial elements:  what type of lease, term length, whether high commission or up front payments are more suitable to meet your specific needs, how many machines should be installed, what prices you should charge as well as performance metrics, etc., etc....then you will have a clear idea of what kind of laundry deal you should request.

5.   Given all the information in step 4,  I'll provide you a template for requesting a laundry proposal which will be concise, clear and understandable to the laundry company.   No more mistaken proposals submitted, no more wasted time and energy and best of all your proposals will be easier to compare.

6.  Once the proposals are submitted I'll review the proposals for you to ensure the deal works for you and is fair.  I'll offer you recommendations on what specific things are negotiable and what to ask for relative to payments, whether commission or upfront payments. 

7.   I'll review the lease and ensure that the language meets the terms of the proposal precisely.  And I'll provide the necessary coaching to help negotiate a better deal.   NOTE:  any lease should be reviewed by your attorney before you execute it. 

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